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Operation Cubo picks up a fluorescent orange Ferrari

How can it be that a £200,000 fluorescent orange FF Ferrari is parked outside New Scotland Yard – and alongside an £18,000 Mercedes? The owner, a 28 year old man, received the shock of his life when officers turned up to check his insurance details at this home in South Kensington, because when he couldn't produce the required documents, his car was confiscated. So why is this car still sitting at the police station now?

Putting this supercar on display is part of what the police are calling Operation Cubo, a crackdown on uninsured drivers which has been running since October 2011. Local forces are also involved and a sample of the statistics taken on day 11 of this initiative has seen officers swooping in, seizing the vehicles and in many cases arresting the drivers. During this one day, 300 vehicles were seized and 30 arrests made. In all, the operation so far has seen an astonishing 37,000 vehicles confiscated.

Operation Cubo has two main aims. The first is based on the fact that many drivers who are uninsured are also committing a variety of other offences. The police are therefore targeting criminals and confiscating their vehicles. A sample of arrests include ones for driving whilst disqualified, possession of an offensive weapon and possession of class A drugs.

In the previous ten days of action, there have been 750 arrests, for everything from possession of illegal firearms to money laundering. The police say that by denying criminals their mode of transport, it can keep them from committing crime. This is probably something most people fail to grasp – that often not having car insurance is only one indicator that the driver may be dabbling in other crimes, one reason for not having insurance is often that the vehicle was originally stolen – or that the driver does not want to be traceable. However driving around in a fluorescent orange Ferrari is hardly a non-descript vehicle! But then again, it is probably very difficult to carry out a heist if you are reliant on the local bus service!

Whilst not everyone who does not have valid car insurance is a violent or dangerous criminal, it can point to serious crime. Some people fail to grasp the importance of having vehicle insurance – both from the legal aspect as well as the obvious safety elements and choose to ignore it. Some others claim they cannot afford it, but in simple terms, you should not be running a car if you cannot afford the insurance. It pays to remember that ignorance, is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.

However, vehicle insurance is an expensive outlay for everyone. There are ways to make sure you do not pay over the odds for your insurance: one way is to make sure you have only the cover you require, without add-ons you really do not need. The other is to make sure you are compliant with the requests of the insurance company who will lower premiums for people who meet their criteria with regard to taking care of the their property, such as garaging the vehicle overnight. Taking professional advice is the best way to save money whilst ensuring you have the cover you need. Whether you have a Ferrari or a push-bike, Westhill Insurance Services will help you find the best deal for your budget. As an independent insurance broker, they will shop around to get you the best deal for your vehicle – or indeed anything else you need, such as home contents insurance, building insurances – commercial or 'difficult to insure' properties, travel insurance or even pet insurance. If it needs insurance you should speak with our friendly and knowledgeable team who will make sure you have the very best advice – and the very best insurance for your money. After all, when you do get the car of your dreams you don't want to see it parked in front of New Scotland Yard!

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Posted on 11th November, 2012