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Halloween: get in the spirit of the occasion!

Halloween is fast approaching, and whether we like it or not, the tradition of Trick or Treat seems to be here to stay. Now is a good time to think about safety for this day of mischief: while Halloween scares can be done all in good fun, an accident or injury is not the kind of scare which anyone wants to encounter. Keep your insurance company out of your horrors this year by following a few very important safety tips so that you can enjoy a fun, thrilling and totally horrible evening!

Boo – the children come out to play!

The Trick-or-Treaters hit the streets now on Halloween searching for fun and sweets. This means that if you are driving on the 31st, you need pay particular attention. Dusk is a dangerous time of night anyway as the light can play tricks and alter visibility – and when there are little ones out on the road in numbers, it pays to be particularly careful. The children are concentrating on having fun and, as a driver, you can be distracted by the costumes, so make sure the road has your full attention.

If you are dressing children to go out Trick-or-Treating, make sure their costumes have some bright colours on them, as dark clothes fade into the night very easily, making their visibility difficult. Carrying glow sticks or torches are a good idea, and you can even add a couple of strips of reflective tape to their ghoulish outfits to make them more visible without detracting from their street cred!

Home – A safe haven from the scary outside

Decorating the house for Halloween is now a popular activity and can prove a lot of fun – but make sure the decorating is safely done. If you are considering electrical decorations, make sure you use outdoor extension cords and avoid connecting more than the recommended number of decorations together. Make sure all wiring is in good condition – and if you are stretching an electric flex across a pathway, make sure it is well fastened down and/or well lit so that no one will trip up. Make sure that there are no other 'trip' hazards and that there is enough lighting for people to move around safely.

A good tip is to use flameless candles to illuminate pumpkins and other decorations as they radically reduce the risk of fire. They cost only a little more than a tea-light and will last much longer and should someone knock one over, there is no risk of fire.

Halloween is also a time for pranksters and unfortunately, some people see it as a legitimate excuse to cause damage (which of course, it is NOT). Make sure there are no dark areas where vandalism can occur, even if it spoils the spooky theme a little – this is a better option than having to make an insurance claim the next day!

Halloween – let's party!

If you are holding a Halloween party this year, make sure that the costumes you make are not flammable – and if they are, stay well away from candles (or use the flameless sort, see above). If you are mixing Halloween cocktails, remember to plan how to get home – appoint a designated driver or book a cab, don't drink and drive – all that bat's blood and beetle juice can be a powerful brew and whilst you want to join in the spirit, you don't want to ruin the evening!

And if something should scare you.....

If you plan the evening and take good care, hopefully you won't need to make any claims on your insurance. However, if things do not go according to plan and you find yourself the victim of mischief and mayhem, then you need to know you can claim off your home and contents insurance (or if your car has suffered vandalism, your vehicle insurance). Whilst we hope that nothing untoward will happen, it is good to know that you do have your insurance to fall back on. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent company and we will take the time to listen to you and to then search for the best insurance to your suit needs. Our quotes will not frighten you witless, we take the trouble to find a policy to suit your budget, and with us you to get to speak to a 'real' person – no witches, no warlocks and no comparison sites (the scariest of all!). We look after all our customers, we treat them with respect and we never, ever trick them!

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Posted on 1st November, 2012