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Don't take your eyes off the road!

Here we go – the debate on men vs. women in the driving stakes is on again! A recent study indicates that 60% of men admitted being distracted by attractive women whilst 12% of women said they did the same when driving past an attractive man! Does that mean there are more good looking females than males – or that women tend to keep their eyes on the road more than men?

Within the total UK figure of 922,000 distraction related crashes per year, there are more cases of cars crashing into the vehicle in front during the summer than the winter, because more lightly-clad pedestrians prove more of a distraction. We may now be driving state-of-the-art vehicles, but clearly the cave-man mentality is still in our heads somewhere!

21% of drivers said that advertising billboards featuring beautiful models were also a major distraction on the road (Remember the famous Wonderbra advert, chaps?). How long before some driver involved in an accident because of an advertising hoarding sues either the advertiser or the owner of the poster/billboard site? This surely has to happen at some point as someone calls in the old 'it wasn't my fault' claim again.

Stealing a sneaky peek at a passing pedestrian or a billboard model may well be a bit of fun – and indeed, human nature – but on a serious note, drivers should not under-estimate that this type of distraction is a major contributing factor in road accidents. The number of crashes caused in this way has not decreased over recent years – so clearly we are not learning from our mistakes either.

The worst-case scenario reported was where a driver was distracted by an attractive pedestrian and crashed – whilst their partner was in the passenger seat. Thus, a two second lapse of concentration can lead to the loss of your no-claims bonus, the loss of the car, loss of a possibly furious and enraged partner and possible contempt or mirth from the object of your desire on the pavement.(Ouch!) The moral of the story has to be don't do it – keep your eyes on the road!

Next time something or someone gladdens your eye, try to keep your mind on your driving and keep the day-dreaming for another time and place. It won't be long until we are all buried under ten layers of clothing as autumn/winter rolls in – so beautiful bodies will be one less hazard on the road. But not those Wonderbra ads though......mind you; they will soon be replaced by the adverts for your new sofa – just in time for Christmas.

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Posted on 14th September, 2012