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Cruise passengers make a splash!

Going on a cruise is many people's dream holiday. However, if you have been on a cruise and accidentally dropped your mobile phone or MP3 player overboard, you are not alone. New research indicates that one in ten people enjoying a cruise dropped technology products into the sea whilst on holiday last year.

The average value for each item dropped is estimated at £89.64 and in one year alone this would add up to £16.5 million worth of technology items. This is based on the 1.7 million people who embarked on a cruise from the UK last year.

The most common item which was lost to Davy Jones' Locker was the mobile phone (41%) followed by digital video cameras (38%), MP3 players, Kindles and handheld games consoles. These statistics come from the 1,151 avid cruise passengers polled by a travel agent. Asked if they had dropped anything overboard in the last twelve months, 11% replied they had indeed lost something to the deep!

Leaning over the deck to admire the deep, blue waters or to take pictures of a stunning sunset can seem like a great idea – but it is all too easy to have your camera slip from your hands. Unfortunately, the sinking feeling you get when you see your camera make a splash is usually sadness at the loss of your photographs and a little nagging feeling about whether or not you are insured!

Before you head off for the cruise terminal, check your insurance policy. Holiday insurance may not cover you for these kinds of accidents, but your home contents insurance may. With technology being expensive, it is worthwhile making sure all your belongings are insured properly – not just against being dropped overboard, but against theft whilst you are on shore, or possible accidental damage.

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Posted on 21st August, 2012