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Student Insurance

Here we are, with the summer's end almost in sight and student thoughts turn to college and university. When you are staying away from home, the last thing you want to happen is for some of your possessions to get damaged, lost or stolen. Not only is it a horrible experience and extremely inconvenient, it could mean you losing vital homework should your laptop or PC be stolen. Remember always to back-up all your work. If this is onto a hard drive, don't store it in the same place as your computer. Alternatively, there are some very cheap packages available for 'cloud' computer storage where your data is stored remotely – it is worth checking out these options.

No doubt you will be watching the finances and perhaps living off a student loan, so the last thing you need to have to do is to replace expensive computer equipment. That is why it is advisable to take out insurance before you leave home – Student Possessions Insurance is an option. It may not be able to recover the work you have done on your computer, but at least you can replace the computer itself swiftly and so keep up with your studies.

Individual insurers offer different packages of cover and most offer new for old on most items. Some cover 'walk in theft' (which is probably an excellent idea) as they realise that you may be living in shared accommodation, halls of residence or other places with multiple occupancy.

You need to shop around to find the best policy. Take expert advice – don't be tempted to use a comparison site, it is far better to speak with a professional who will listen to what you want to insure, where you will be living, etc and so be able to find the best policy to suit you. Westhill Insurance services is an independent insurance broker – which means we can shop around to find the best possible deal to suit your budget. Sometimes on comparison sites you are sold cover you don't really need, so it can be a false economy to shop on line. Our friendly team will be pleased to help you and some of the points you may like to think about before you call could include:

The content of your room(s) – against theft, fire, burst pipes, storm damage and flood damage. This can include your books, clothes, landlord's property, credit cards, money, etc. Don't forget items such as music systems, Kindles and cameras. Limits may be placed on the amount you can claim for in one go – or a limit imposed for certain items (so if you have a valuable musical instrument, for example, tell your insurers and they may insure this under a separate policy). Some policies may also extend to cover your belongings whilst they are in transit to and from your place of study.

Computer equipment – covering your desktop PC and laptop against accidental damage, loss or theft.

Mobile phone – for theft, loss and damage. Some policies may include compensation for airtime or bill charges if your phone is stolen and used by an unauthorised user.

Course fees – some policies may cover the cost of course fees – for instance, if you have to end your course early because of illness or a family member who was contributing to your fees becomes ill and subsequently redundant and unable to pay.

Personal liability – this is useful to have and a chat with an insurance broker will explain the options here.

No doubt insurance is not the most hot topic you want to think about whilst you are getting ready for college or university, but if you take a little time to make sure you are covered, at least if something does go wrong, you know that you have it covered and you will not need to replace expensive IT equipment, for example. That will leave more money for the more enjoyable things in life!

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Posted on 14th August, 2012