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Two singles, or a double?

Insurance companies often carry out polls to determine what the public do so that they can calculate risk and develop policies which may appeal to us. One such recent poll has determined that 10% of British couples sleep in separate bedrooms every night of the week and some 13% sleep in separate beds at least once a week. There are 22% of couples who say they have 'time out' from each other to do separate things such as staying with family or friends.

It appears we also like to be people in our own right and the poll shows that:

> 7% of us have a separate bathroom from their partner
> 18% watch TV or read a book in a separate room
> 12% have their own room which they do not allow their other half to spend any time in – 10% of men have their own games room.
> 40% of us believe that they have a healthier relationship with their partner because they have greater independence in their home life
> 5% think that having separate rooms is one of the main reasons they are so happy in their relationship
> 7% spend more time with their pets than their partner
> 5% would rather spend the night with their cat or dog than their partner

None of these are perhaps as extreme as Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton who sleep in adjoining houses because of Burton's snoring - that is taking separation to the next level!

The findings of this poll showed that British couples only spend the equivalent of just over four hours a day together. Hectic work schedules, seeing friends, going to the gym – all put pressure on how 'quality time' is spent together.

Over a third of couples admit they have been on a separate holiday without their partner and an amazing 8% say they would always choose to go away with their friends and family in preference to their other half! With almost half of us believing that having separate tastes and hobbies makes for a stronger relationship, it is perhaps not too surprising to discover that 54% have entirely different interests or hobbies to their partner.

Whatever your domestic arrangements, don't lose sight of your home insurance, or indeed any other insurance needs. It could easily happen if you are both concentrating on your own belongings for example and forget the greater picture containing all the items in your home: you could easily find yourself under insured should you need to make a claim. Also, travel insurance could be over-looked when going your separate ways, make sure you have adequate cover.

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Posted on 26th June, 2012