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Being ill on holiday can prove a real pain in the wallet!

Everyone must realise that it is vital to purchase travel insurance – but it is also equally important to declare existing medical conditions if you want to avoid bankruptcy. This isn't scaremongering – it could really happen.

Around 8-15% of people declare existing conditions to their insurers – but when booking on line the actual number of people who declare their medical conditions appears to be considerably lower. Some people probably fear they will be declined insurance cover – or that they will be given a quote so high that they won't be able to afford it. However, many fail to declare existing conditions simply because the on-line booking form may not actually ask the question, or phrases it in such a way it seems immaterial – many certainly do not flag up the question and make it obviously important.

People often mistake illnesses which are being controlled by drugs to be exempt – but this isn't the case. If you suffer a health problem abroad and your insurer considers your existing medical condition to be the root cause, you will not be covered if you failed to declare the condition at the time you took out the insurance cover.

For example, a heart attack in Spain could leave you with a medical bill of between £15,000 and £30,000. If you need to go home by ambulance from the mainland this could cost you £18,000 or up to £30,000 if you were holidaying in the Canaries. If you were visiting the USA and had a heart attack, you would be looking at anything from £80,000 up to £300,000. Just the thought of the costs involved are enough to spark a coronary – so ask yourself the simple question: is my holiday travel insurance sufficient for my needs?

If you are booking a holiday through an agent they will, no doubt, ask you about travel insurance, but if you are booking online or organising your own itinerary you may overlook travel insurance – which is an ABSOLUTE must have! Talk to an insurance company who can provide you with honest, unbiased advice. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent insurance broker who will be able to find you the best travel insurance to meet your holiday needs – and will ask all the relevant questions to make sure you have the health cover you require. Their friendly team will ask if you have any existing medical conditions, so be honest with them and make sure you include illnesses such as asthma and migraine (which are often controlled by medication) as well as rheumatism and other medically diagnosed illnesses. That way, you can go away on holiday, enjoy the sunshine and relax – knowing that if you do feel unwell or are taken poorly, payment for treatment is one thing you will not have to think about. Being sick anywhere is a pain, but away from home it can be much more distressing, so take a few moments to make sure your travel insurance has your health covered, then kick back and chill!

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Posted on 15th May, 2012