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Here Comes The Bride – Don't Let it Rain on Her Parade!

With wedding planning well underway for many couple looking to tie the knot this year, invitations, wedding dresses and ceremonies head up the 'To Do' list – but how many people stop to consider what would happen if it all goes wrong? So, how about wedding insurance?

The average cost of a wedding now is around £20,000 – and yet three quarters of weddings are uninsured! If you were to invest the same level of money in art, a car, or jewellery you would automatically insure it. It is sensible then to insure your wedding, and at least you can sleep at night - safe in the knowledge that if something happens to threaten the event, you will probably be able to afford to fix it.

There are so many things to think of when a wedding is in the offing, choosing the venue, the guest list, the wedding dress and rings, the photographer, the entertainment – the list is seemingly endless. And there are a plethora of problems which can affect the Big Day. Perhaps no one wants to think about it, but what if the venue goes bust or unexpected redundancy means the wedding needs to be postponed for financial reasons? Even on the day, things can go wrong – what if the caterers fail to turn up, or the photographer's equipment doesn't work? You can, in fact, insure against such calamities, but beware as there are many different variants on wedding insurance available. For example:

> The limit for wedding cancellations varies from as little as £2,500 to £70,000 – however, 37% of policies provide cover of £25,000 or more
> Only 9% of policies will pay the full costs of rearranging the wedding: most will only pay 50% or 75% of the cost
> Only 14% of policies provide cover for the failure of wedding suppliers – such as caterers – to provide what has been paid for. A further 80% of the policies provide cover in the event of financial failure of the supplier, such as bankruptcy or liquidation.

As every wedding is unique the most sensible approach is to ensure that the features, benefits and levels of cover needed are provided by the wedding insurance policy chosen. There are comparison sites available to purchase insurance from – but beware: because the options are so numerous it is too easy to miss something very obvious, whilst at the same time, covering yourself for something you don't need! Remember – cheapest is not always best. Speak to an expert: Westhill Insurance Services has a team of friendly professionals who will be delighted to help you with the insurance for your special day. Just give them a call, explain when, where and the size of your wedding and let Westhill Insurance Services search for the best possible insurance policy at the best possible price. As an independent company, Westhill will make sure you have the right insurance at the right price. (You may want to talk to them about your honeymoon insurance as well.)

Some points to look out for when planning your insurance should include:

> What level of cancellation and re-arrangement costs are covered
> What level of cover is there if a wedding is cancelled because one or both of the couple are made redundant?
> What cover does the policy provide if the wedding venues goes into administration and the booking is cancelled?
> What protection is offered if the maker of the wedding dress, the caterer, the wedding car company or the entertainment goes out of business?

All of these are important points when searching for your insurance, so give Westhill Insurance Services a call and let them make sure the money you are investing in your wedding is as safe as can be. Planning for your special day should be fun, not a worry. So let Westhill Insurance Services take the worry out of the wedding, whilst you get on with planning a day to remember. Just one call and all your cares are sorted out – leaving you time to fulfil your dreams.

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 11th April, 2012