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Holiday Home Insurance – a journey into the unknown!

If you are lucky enough to own a second property as a holiday home, it is important that you have adequate holiday home insurance. It is important to remember that holiday home insurance has a totally different set of needs to that of your regular home insurance and therefore your usual policy is unlikely to cover your second property.

A holiday home, as its name implies, means you are likely to spend less time at this property than at home! Quite often home insurance stipulates that a house must not be left unattended for long periods of time – usually for more than 30 days. This is because if a house is empty for any length of time it becomes more vulnerable to burglary and weather damage and in winter, more likely to suffer from burst pipes and flood damage. Whilst holiday home insurance policies recognise the prolonged absences from the property, they generally do this by making stipulations as to what must be undertaken in return for this cover. For example, they may insist that you drain down the central heating system or turn off your electricity. There are some policies which are less stringent than other, so it pays to look around and check the different policies on offer. Make sure you read your policy properly and ensure that you comply with all their requirements.

Professional advice here is really helpful. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent insurance company whose professional team will listen carefully to the type of second property you wish to insure, the time you anticipate this to be empty and other pertinent points and will be able to guide you through the maze of available policies to find the right one for you. As they are independent, Westhill Insurance Services can shop around and so find the perfect policy at the best price: they are much more effective than any comparison site – simply because they can ask all the relevant questions to make sure the policy is exactly what you need! So you don't pay for things you don't need and make sure you do have all that you need in the way of cover.

There are many things to think about with regards to your insurance. If you are going to rent out the property make sure you include accidental damage – and if the property has a swimming pool, make sure this is included also. You will also require public liability insurance if you are going to have paying guests: consider the implications if one of these injures themselves whilst renting out your property and then claim costs from you. Without the necessary insurance cover this could have massive and serious implications for you.

You may be considering employing people to work at your holiday home – such as cleaners, caretakers or gardeners. In this case you will need employers' liability insurance. If you are renting out your holiday home you need adequate legal expenses insurance. This is because you may a dispute with a tenant or part tenant with regard to rent or damage to the property. This legal protection will cover the payment of legal fees should you need to take steps to recover unpaid rent or resolve deposit issues – or disagreements over damage to property. Imagine if a tenant damaged the property so badly that you could not use it for your next holiday or your next paying guest is unable to use it. What about if your guests cancel a visit at the last moment and you cannot find alternative guests to cover the rent? Holiday home insurance can provide cover for both these scenarios. Remember too, that if your holiday home is overseas that you may need to consider things such as earthquake insurance! It will take only a few moments to pick up the phone to Westhill Insurance Services and explain to one of their friendly team all about your holiday property. Then you can let Westhill work their magic and make sure your holiday home dream doesn't turn into a nightmare!

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Posted on 2nd April, 2012