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Cameras come to the Forecourts

There has been a long standing battle to remove uninsured drivers from our roads, and now it seems petrol station cameras will be used as the latest weapon to catch those without insurance. It has been reported that Downing Street officials will meet with representatives from the fuel industry to discuss how this may work.

At the moment, all petrol stations have automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) which only allows motorists to fill up their tanks once the licence plate has been logged. This system does deter drivers from driving off without paying for fuel – although there is still minority of law breakers around. However, advances in technology mean that the cameras could be used to log licence plates and cross reference them with the DVLA. If uninsured, the motorist would be prevented from filling up their car and the DVLA would also begin enforcement procedures.

As one in twenty five drivers in the UK do not have insurance – which is one of the worst records in Western Europe – any scheme designed to remove these dangers from our roads has to be worth serious consideration. The costs all law abiding drivers have to absorb to cover the minority of law breakers is vast; accidents involving uninsured drivers are absorbed by the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB), a body into which all insurers pay – and which is funded by honest motorists' insurance premiums.

For those who chose to drive legally, car insurance is indeed a big investment. However, talk to Westhill Insurance Services – an independent and professional company who will shop around to find the best possible insurance for you. Pick up the phone and speak to a member of their friendly team, tell them the details of your vehicle and driver(s) and a little bit about the type of mileage you do – and let them quote you a figure you may find makes you happy. Whilst ANPR cameras may catch those who prefer to break the law, for those who choose to pay their way, insurance is a vital part of life. Talk to Westhill Insurance Services and make sure when you fill up at the garage the only thing you need to worry about is the size of your fuel bill!

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Posted on 30th March, 2012