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The dangers of being drunk in charge of your house!

We all know that you must never drink and drive but it now looks as though you should not drink and be in charge of a house! Doing so can make you at risk of damage from fire, flood, breakages and even theft (if you leave your property unlocked!)

Recent research indicates that as a nation and whilst drunk we have managed to rack up almost £700 million pounds worth of damage to our homes, either through fires, floods, breakages or simply by leaving our homes unlocked and inviting burglars to help themselves. It puts into perspective the sight of an ancient Aunty a bit the worst for wear after a sherry or two too many at Christmas and quietly nodding off: at least she causes little in the way of bother!

Before you consider a typical stereotype for drunkenness-in-the-home behaviour, statistics indicate that in fact a 35-54 year old professional living in a property worth around £250,000 is the most likely culprit. Surprisingly, not your average lager lout then.

Whilst the dangers of drunk driving are well documented, the dangers of being drunk in the home are not. However, homes can be dangerous places for people whose judgement is impaired. The list of most common mishaps includes:

> Breaking valuables after falling over drunk

> Forgetting to take door keys out of the lock after returning from a boozy night and so leaving the house open to burglary.

> Causing a kitchen fire whilst making that all important late night snack by falling asleep

> Causing a flood falling asleep whilst waiting for the bath to run, or leaving kitchen taps running

> Causing a fire by failing to extinguish candles properly.

If you know you are in for a drink fuelled evening, try taking some of these common sense tips:

> Don't cook when drunk. London Fire Brigade has said that many fires are started when someone passes out having put a pizza, bacon or some such under the grill or in the oven. Stick to a take-away, much safer!

> Keep valuables and fragile items out of the way so you don't fall on them

> Don't light candles if you have had a lot to drink, or indeed before you intend to do so

> Just get to bed safely – the bath or shower can wait until morning

> Keep your keys on your person – you can get long key chains so you can unlock the door but have to remove the key from the lock afterwards.

If you do get into bother, you will possibly need to make a claim on your home and contents insurance. There is a lot of comment in the press at present about people cutting corners and under-insuring their belongings in order to keep down the cost of the premium. This is a false economy – and if you buy wisely, is unnecessary. Speak with a professional and helpful insurance company – such as Westhill Insurance Services. As an independent company they can shop around to find you the best deal and they spend time with you to ensure you have the level of cover that you really need. Making sure your property is properly insured is very important, then you can celebrate in peace knowing that if you do burn your pizza to frazzle and you wobble into that favourite table knocking the contents flying, you are at least insured. It may help ease the headache in the morning. Cheers!

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Posted on 28th March, 2012