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Building a Safer Future – insurance for builders

With litigation almost becoming a national past-time, builders are at the forefront of those who need to protect themselves, and insurance is a vital part of this. Over 4,000 major injuries – including broken bones or fractured skulls are reported every year to the Health & Safety Executive. Many of these could have been prevented by following health and safety procedures, but it is always easy to look back and see how things may have been. However, if the worst happens and one of your workers hurts himself as a result of a fall or lifting a heavy weight incorrectly, it is vital that you have builders insurance to cover the cost of your liability to pay compensation – as well as any legal costs which may arise.

It matters not whether you are a massive organisation or a small family run firm, there are certain guidelines which you must have in place in order to be able to grow your business without the worry of compensation and legal claims. Buildings sites are inherently dangerous places – no matter how hard to strive to make them safe – and accidents do happen. Whether it is your staff, visitors, clients or even the general public who come to grief, you need the have the appropriate insurance to deal with matters arising.

Builders insurance is generally offered as a specific variation to a tradesman insurance policy and you must check that all that you need is covered by the policy. Take professional advice – Westhill Insurance Services has a professional team who are willing to listen and learn about your business and find the best possible policy to suit your company. As an independent insurance company they will shop around to find the best cover at the best price for you – and with insurance premiums being the price they are, it pays to save money wherever you can.

If you employ staff, you will need employers' liability – this is a legal requirement. This insurance covers your legal liability for claims made by employees for injuries or illnesses they may suffer as a result of working for you. However, if you are a limited liability company with only one employee – and where that employee owns 50% of the shareholding – you do not have a legal obligation to purchase liability insurance. If your company falls into this category, you can call yourself a sole trader when you are enquiring about builders insurance – but again, take professional advice.

Something which worries most builders is the possibility of a member of the public injuring themselves as a result of negligence on the site or as the result in a breach of duty. If found legally responsible for their injury or damage to their property, the builder may be obliged to pay compensation – which could run into tens of thousands or more. That is why you need to protect your livelihood and must have in place public liability insurance.

It's not all doom and gloom. Think of insurance as a necessity of life. There is much you can do to make sure you need never claim – by ensuring that staff are aware of danger at all times and that everything possible is done to adhere to health & safety practices. They may seem draconian, but they are designed to save life and limb. Call Westhill Insurance Services and see how they can help you protect your livelihood.

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Posted on 24th March, 2012