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High value contents insurance – the need for specialist advice

Everything has its price, we are told. Placing a price on the sentimental value of your most treasured possessions may by impossible, but a high value contents insurance policy will, at the very least, afford a certain level of security and peace of mind. If you have expensive jewellery or antique furniture or perhaps a valuable collection of china, these items may have a value which exceeds the limits set within a standard home insurance policy. This is when it is advisable to speak with a professional insurance company such as Westhill Insurance Services , who can advise you on high value contents insurance to ensure your belongings are correctly insured.

Standard home insurance can be purchased relatively easily, but does have its limitations. Often the cover on these policies means that high value items cannot be included as they exceed the limits set. Complications can often arise if belongings are perhaps contained in more than one home (a country cottage and town residence, for instance), or perhaps there is expensive gardening equipment stored in a shed – this may be overlooked in the insurance policy. People often forget to mention they have a caravan, or a boat – which will also need to be insured separately. This is when the advice and guidance of a professional company such as Westhill Insurance Services can help you ensure nothing is overlooked: they can tailor an insurance policy to include all that is required and this often results in lower premiums too.

Professional advice is invaluable if you are insuring items of which you are not one hundred percent certain of their worth. In simplistic terms, if you drive a Bentley, you will not insure it for the cost of a Robin Reliant – similarly, if you have valuable jewellery you don't want the replacement value to be that of paste jewellery. Insurance brokers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are obliged to act in the best interests of their clients. When coverage is purchased through an insurance broker, consumers are less likely to end up with an insurance policy that fails to cover their assets sufficiently.

Remember though that you have a duty though to disclose all relevant information when you buy insurance and this applies equally as to whether you buy insurance direct or via a broker – if you don't provide all relevant details and facts you may well find your policy is invalidated should this be discovered when you need to claim.

Buying high value contents insurance on line via a website or comparison site is a risky business as potential clients are unlikely to enjoy the benefits of individual and professional advice tailored for their needs. If you purchase cover through an insurance broker, you will invariably get a greater depth of first-hand experience vital to choosing the right deal for you. Talk with Westhill Insurance Services and explain to their friendly team the items which you specifically need including in your insurance: as an independent insurance company they will look at all the available options for you and find the most encompassing and suitable policy to meet your needs. Sometimes, you cannot beat the advice of a professional – especially where items of sentimental value are concerned.

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Posted on 20th March, 2012