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Hugger Muggers – be on your guard!

Ah, how lovely – there you are, walking down the street and someone comes up to you and gives you a hug! Well, it depends on the person doing the hugging, one suspects – but it could be argued that the thought was there. That is until you check and your wallet has disappeared!

Over the Christmas period, it seems that people in Manchester were experiencing the phenomena known as a 'hugger mugger'. This beast first appeared last summer and went into overdrive at Christmas. Furthermore, this may well be a spreading problem, so take note.

There has been one conviction so far, but police suspect that few people come forward to report the crime as they don't necessarily link the hug with later discovered missing items such as wallets, purses, mobile phones etc. Perhaps people prefer to believe it is their animal magnetism which draws these lovely huggers to them. Not so!

Greater Manchester Police have been vigilant and have employed plain clothes police officers to trap some of the cuddly robbers, and CCTV has been useful in this too. Their overall advice though is to assume that a stranger hugging you may not be declaring undying love, but rather has designs on your belongings. So either dodge their dodgy embrace or keep your hand on your valuables at all times!

If you are fortunate, or organised, enough to have included an 'All Risks' extension to your home insurance policy, at least you will have the benefit of theft cover away from the home - should you become a Hugger Mugger victim. Maybe now would be a good time to check your cover. Certainly a call to Westhill Insurance and a chat with one of our friendly team will put you in the right direction to help ensure that you have the right cover in place.

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Posted on 29th February, 2012