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Anti Social behaviour – a £10 billion headache for businesses

When reviewing and renewing your business insurance, you probably don't give much thought to the so called Yob culture. Yet yobs cost British business an average of £4,000 a year – or nearly £10bn in total.

Anti-social behaviour, a recent survey has found, caused business losses last year of £9.8bn. That included petty theft, graffiti, littering and intimidation or harassment as well as broken windows and doors. One in five businesses who took part in the survey were affected by vandalism etc – at an average cost of just over £20,000 each!

Alarmingly, in Scotland and London around one third of businesses say they have even considered relocating as a result of the impact of yob culture. 37% of businesses say they expect yob culture to increase as a result of ongoing economic volatility and employers expect it to cost them more year-on-year, at £26,000 on average – a clear sign that Britain's yob culture is a growing problem.

So what can be done? Precious little really unless society mends its ways. For all the wonderful youngsters who shine, there still remains those hell-bent on making trouble, and it is these against whom businesses need protection. Businesses have a duty of care to their employees to make sure they are safe – as are any visitors to their sites. By utilising the myriad of security systems available from CCTV to door entry systems and gates and barriers, businesses can protect themselves to some degree – but who wants to make their premises look like a high security prison? Manned guarding is an option for large premises with huge perimeters – such as manufacturing and construction sites. Indeed security can deter anti-social behaviour, but if your premises are damaged, or a staff member attacked you will need to deal with the problems – and for that you will need insurance.

Insurance is an absolutely vital contingency tool for businesses – as well as being a legal requirement. Whether you operate from retail premises, a unit on an industrial estate or from serviced offices, you need to review and consider carefully your insurance options. Public and Employer's liability insurance are legal requirements, but there are many other options which are cost-effective and can, should something awful happen, mean the difference between being able to continue in business or not.

Take professional advice. Westhill Insurance Services will provide you with honest and pragmatic advice as to what your business needs to protect itself from the anti-social behaviour which is costing businesses dear. Their friendly team will listen to your concerns and can make a decision as to what you need to consider for your business. Pick up the phone and talk to Westhill Insurance Services. At least you will have peace of mind knowing that your business insurance is there to provide comfort, and whilst you may never need to call on it, you know you have done as much as you can to help your business survive – no matter what may be thrown at it!

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Posted on 20th February, 2012