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Solar Panels – making the sunshine for you

Although the Solar Energy industry is a little in the doldrums at present awaiting the new ruling on the exact tariffs to be applied, the overall interest in using solar panels to generate power still continues to grow. This is no doubt in response to the ever increasing domestic energy costs and concern over the sustainability of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment.

Whether the tariffs will generate as much income as they were is still a matter for debate, but as solar energy does not release CO2 or other pollutants, there will be an obvious reduction in carbon footprints.

The installation of Solar Panels is not without risk though, so give some thought to the following points:

Installation – make sure you select a professional and accredited installer. Check their public liability insurance as well before you let them loose on your property.

Maintenance and Damage – who would pay for the repair or replacement of your solar panels if they were damaged in a storm? New installations may come with a warranty and/or maintenance programme but be sure to check that your home insurance includes damage or theft of the panels. Consider too the wiring, meter, inverter and any other equipment required – who will pay if these are damaged?

If you are considering installing Solar Panels, or perhaps buying a property with these already installed, take professional advice first on the insurance implications. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent insurance company who will be able to offer you sensible advice. They can shop around to find you insurance to suit your budget, without compromise to the level of insurance you will receive. With their vast experience of all types of building insurance, they can help you find the right insurance for your needs – and so ensure that the sun shines blissfully on your property!

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Posted on 9th February, 2012