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Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow! But what happens if it doesn't

Thousands of holiday makers who booked their skiing holidays in the Alps had their holiday plans ruined by a lack of snow in the run up to Christmas. Pistes across the popular Alpine ski resorts of France and Switzerland have been badly affected by the record-breaking snow shortages experienced at the beginning of the ski season.

Some of the major resorts of the Grands-Montets at Chamonix, Meribel and Megeve were closed, while Les Deux Alps – which has 100 runs in total only had 12 open, whilst only 2 out of the 36 ski resorts were open in the French Pyrenees.

In the Swiss resort of Klosters, canons produced snow allowing a few runs to struggle on. In Val d'Isere the World Cup ski races were abandoned because of the lack of snow. Reportedly , the worse season in 147 years of ski resort sport!

A winter wonderland in the UK

Winter however arrived in the UK with some hefty snow falls. We can only hope that those whose businesses depend on the snow have sufficient insurance to keep their businesses ticking over. Food for thought here in the UK too where businesses can be affected due to adverse weather conditions – although here we tend to suffer from a surfeit of weather rather than too little! We only have to remember the terrible floods and wild storms and the resulting damage to realise that insurance is important – so make sure you have suitable cover. If in doubt, speak with a professional company such as Westhill Insurance Services, whose dedicated and friendly team can advise on the type of insurance you need to keep your business afloat in bad weather.

What can you do if the weather spoils your holiday – or your business?

The advice to those who have booked ski holidays is to check their insurance policies to see if they are entitled to compensation because of the lack of snow. Many policies pay a nominal fee – but only if all the ski lifts are closed. It has been widely reported that, for this very reason, most ski resorts attempt to keep at least one lift working regardless of snow cover, to ensure that insurance payments do not have to be met. This may seem sneaky, but is regarded as normal practice.

So what can you do? Make sure you have the right type of holiday insurance before you head off anywhere in the world. Speak with a company who knows their way around the global maze – Westhill Insurance Services will provide you with honest advice and sensible solutions for all your travel requirements. They cannot control the weather but they can take make sure the wind is not taken entirely out of your sails should this and other factors contrive against you!

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Posted on 3rd February, 2012