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Storm damage and extreme weather – a reason to raise premiums?

Home owners as well as motorists should prepare for an increase in insurance premiums after storms battered the country causing significant damage. Recent extreme weather has led to a 200% increase in calls to claim lines compared to the same time last year. This shifting weather pattern seems to have caused chaos all around.

Motor insurers reported a big increase in claims, particularly from owners whose cars had been hit by flying roof tiles, fallen trees, branches and assorted debris. Meanwhile one emergency response company says it has seen a twelvefold increase in the number of roofing claims it dealt with – testimony to the strength of the gales we encountered.

Last year we coped with snow and ice, this year we seem to be enduring high winds and heavy rain – both of which bring a sharp increase in home insurance and emergency claims. The most common claims for property were for broken windows, damage caused by falling roof tiles (as well the damage to the roof itself), falling gutters and aerials. Minor roof damage can soon escalate into significant damage if ravaged by high winds and anyone with any suspected loose tiles (and especially ridge tiles) really should get these seen to as a preventative measure.

Poor weather conditions of course do hamper repair work – and this was especially true in the North, Scotland and South Wales where roofers found it impossible to reach customers and carry out urgent repairs. However, insurance companies always endeavour to help customers avoid additional damage being caused by prioritising those who are in vulnerable situations and worst affected. Unfortunately, widespread damage such as we have encountered does not help to keep insurance costs down – although it is doubtful that the recent bad weather will result in a huge hike in premiums. There will be inevitably be some rises as insurers expect the extreme weather conditions to become more frequent and will need to ensure they have sufficient reserves to meet future claims.

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Posted on 26th January, 2012