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Miss Bogus Whiplash – a whole new epidemic discovered!

Thousands of whiplash claims are adding £90 to the average car insurance policy – and this is despite the drop in the number of accidents occurring! Damning figures show the scale of a £2 billion a year 'whiplash epidemic' – with claims up by a third in three years, despite accident rates falling by 16%. Any sane person has to ask, “how can this be?”

In simple terms, a quarter of the 600,000 whiplash claims made each year are 'fake or over-diagnosed', according to a survey of GP's revealed by the King's Fund think-tank at a conference of doctors and insurers in London.

At least 30,000 whiplash claims are outright fraudulent, costing around £350 million a year according to figures from the Insurance Fraud Bureau. The King's Fund published data showing that more than 47% of doctors in the UK believe the current claims system is flawed and encourages whiplash to be diagnosed 'for maximum gain'. A spokesman for the think-tank said “With over 1,600 diagnoses every day, the UK appears to have the weakest necks in the world!”

Over the past three years, the number of whiplash claims had jumped by a third to 570,000 a year – or ONE CLAIM PER MINUTE! This is despite a 16% fall in the number of accidents reported to the police at just over 208,000. For every accident notified to the police, this equates to 2.7 whiplash claims.

Insurers say that some doctors and ambulance-chasing lawyers are 'scamming the system' and had a financial 'incentive' to approve claims. The £90 added to policies because of whiplash compares to the £40 added for other frauds, say insurers.

So it appears we have an epidemic of whip-lash injuries. No doubt the insurance industry will be able to sift through these in due course by working closely with the medical profession and so find a way to slow down this epidemic. Until then, it seems that honest folk have to fork out an additional £90 for those willing to put their neck on the block and make fraudulent claims.

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Posted on 20th January, 2012