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Rising number in rent arrears

Rent arrears hit a three year high

We know that the rental market has been extremely buoyant of late, but now sadly we discover the number of people in rented accommodation who are in severe arrears has reached the highest level in three years. According to the latest figures, there are 78,790 tenants in England and Wales who are at least two months behind in paying their rent, nearly 11,400 more than this time last year. This is the highest level since the third quarter of 2008.

This rise is due to the soaring cost of renting which has created a two-speed market. The overall tenant population has coped quite well with the rising rents and cost of living and total arrears were actually down year on year in November. However, a growing minority of renters are falling deeper and deeper into difficulties and the number of severe cases is actually rising. The number of tenants evicted through court orders has also risen. A sad state of affairs.

All of this leaves landlords in a difficult situation. No one wants to put anyone out of their home, but a landlord has a business to run and often a duty to his other tenants. Stress is affecting landlords who often find themselves in difficult situations, allowing for those who are perhaps serial defaulters and who slip through all the various vetting and credit checking procedures.

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Posted on 13th January, 2012