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Stags and Hens come out to play – but is it worth the cost?

Winter weddings are on the increase, perhaps because wedding venues offer lower rates in order to fill their rooms in the winter months – and there are more bargains to be had in the off season for honeymoons also. For many brides and grooms, the stag and hen party is an important part of the wedding build up.

Whilst some opt for a small, local celebration with a few close friends and family, others decide to travel abroad and celebrate in style. Although most stag and hen parties are fun, frivolous and hitch-free, some unfortunately become memorable for less than savoury reasons.

An excess of alcohol is the usual protocol for such events which results in inhibitions and common sense being left at home! New research reveals that some stags and hens are left with much more than just a hangover. Of the 5.7 million people returning from hen and stag events in the last two years, it is reported that over 115,000 parties have involved a tattoo or piercing that was instantly regretted. More than 13% claimed that they or another member of their party got lost in a foreign country – and around 114,000 party people missed their flights back home.

If embarrassing photos, weird tattoos and an aching head weren't enough – many revellers were left with a financial headache as well. 10% of those attending stag and hen parties abroad over the last two years lost money, iPods, cameras and other valuable items. 6% were the victims of robbery – if you lose your wits, you lose your ability to maintain a vigilant watch on your belongings. Here is the list of the top ten calamitous events to befall stag and hen party people:

> Lost in a foreign country
> Lost money and valuable items
> Injured whilst drunk
> Verbally assaulted
> Lost passport and/or tickets
> Victims of robbery and mugging
> Victims of theft
> Physically assaulted
> Arrested
> Became ill

Doesn't really sound like much fun, does it? However, these parties are designed to allow people to let their hair down, which is no bad thing in itself. However, there has to be some caution applied when in a foreign country and drinking heavily. If you are going on such a party, ask if the organiser has travel insurance in place to meet any medical or legal expenses which may be occurred. In fact – it is really worthwhile to make sure you have your own insurance cover in place. If you are in any doubt, talk to an independent insurance company. The friendly team at Westhill Insurance Services will tell you if you need to have insurance and will shop around the find the cheapest deal to give you all the cover you need. Additionally, if you are travelling in the EU, make sure you have a valid EHIC too: these are obtained free of charge (be sure no to fall for the scams selling these) and will provide you with medical care should it be required.

Like most things in life, if you are prepared, you probably won't need to use your insurance. The dangers and costs involved in not having travel insurance can be hideously expensive, so talk to Westhill Insurance and see how they can make sure you can party the night away – leaving you to only worry about how to cure the hangover next day!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 6th November, 2011