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A house is not a Home

We all know the pleasure of having nice things around us, of making our home as attractive as we can – so that, you might presume, we can enjoy our surroundings when relaxing at home with friends and relatives. However, recent research indicates that many people are turning their homes into show homes – and living in them in much the same way! House-proud dwellers are splashing out around an average of £1171 a year and a total of 11 days sprucing up their homes. It seems the rise in home make-over programmes on the television has led the way to some sort of domestic uprising. The unhappy trend though is that we have stopped being sociable – in our own homes at least.

Apparently we now spend around 5 hours every week improving our homes. That seems a really rather admirable thing to be doing. However, when we have made our homes as perfect as possible it seems we then stop having parties or inviting friends round – and if we do, then we cover the expensive carpet and new sofas with protective sheets. That must be such a welcoming sight for the bemused visitors! Apparently 5% of people interviewed admitted to being so obsessed with keeping their homes spick-and-span that they no longer invite people in. Almost one in ten people say that they cannot enjoy themselves properly if they do have visitor as they worry about potential damage or spillages.

A staggering 7% of interviewees confessed to covering their carpets and upholstery – and one in 20 say that they have banned red wine from their homes. A fifth of Brits polled said they have overly house-proud friends and almost a quarter admit they are too scared and anxious to touch or use anything should they be invited to their homes. Nervousness often makes people clumsy – leading no doubt to the one in ten whom admitted to breaking something or spilling something at their friends' home and not owning up!

Whilst pleasing on the eye, a house that resembles a show home is not the most practical place to live. Accidents do happen and it is important for homeowners to ensure they have adequate home and contents insurance so that should something happen, you are fully protected. Insurance need not cost the earth – talk with Westhill Insurance Services: as independent brokers they will research the market for you and find the best policy to suit your needs. Their friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to make sure that you are covered against accidents – so that if that glass of red wine does spill all over your cream carpet you can bemoan the waste of wine and not worry about your carpet. Cheers!

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Posted on 25th October, 2011