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Honour amongst thieves – a shocking story!

Burglars and thieves are nobody's friends. This is especially true when the premium on your contents insurance policy is increased after a burglary: you probably wouldn't care if he or she gets electrocuted in the process and you probably wouldn't have any sleepless nights over it – or would you?

This is exactly what happened to a cable thief recently when he and two associates were busy stealing copper cable. Cable and scrap metal thefts are on the increase in a big way. On this occasion the thief was left to die while his accomplices tried to escape being caught by the police. Trying to avoid arrest did not help them very much as they were soon apprehended by the police – who don't take kindly to getting the run around.

The theft of cable caused thousands of commuters on the South London line to be stuck without transport while police searched the Bromley area for clues. In the process, they found the body of James Smith aged 28 of Catford. His accomplices, John and Jason Trusting aged 26 and 23 respectively, were sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court.

They had sold the cable to a scrap dealer in Peckham on the same day their friend's body was discovered by the police. Both pleaded guilty to charges of criminal damage, recklessly endangering life and burglary. Jason Trusting also pleaded guilty to a charge of perverting the course of justice. According to the testimony given in court, Jason Trusting tried to revive his friend but later fled with his brother. He then made an anonymous phone call to 999 to inform them that someone had been electrocuted.

We often feel that the law sometimes comes down on the side of the burglar when we read of people defending their own homes against unwelcome intruders. In this case, the burglar was killed – it doesn't get more shocking than that!

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Posted on 14th October, 2011