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Hoarders of the world unite

As a nation, we are a group of hoarders! We all know that feeling – you move into a new house and think, my goodness, I'll never fill all this space – and before you know it, the house is bursting at the seams! We hold a massive amount of belongings in our home with every spare inch being filled, including spare rooms (yes, you always did mean to keep the wardrobes in the spare room empty!), the loft, the shed and the cellar, if you have one – everywhere becomes a great storage area.

If we add up all the clutter, it comes to some £50 billion worth of belonging in UK homes. It would appear our hearts are ruling our heads when it comes to de-cluttering our homes. Over 60% of us hoard possessions because we think we will need them in the future – whilst over half say it is sentimental value that stops them from clearing out.

It's not just 'junk' items that are being stored – valuable items such as jewellery, power tools and audio equipment are being kept in sheds, lofts and spare rooms. This begs the question – when did you last consider the value of the contents in your home? Also remember to include any items that you are storing for friends or family, partners and exes. Many parents say they feel as though they are providing 'Storage by Mum & Dad' by storing items for their grown up children: in some cases the children have moved out years ago and may even have their own home. One supposes they don't wish to clutter this up!

The strange thing is that many of the items will never be used again, and yet we feel would miss them if they were to be stolen or damaged. Perhaps they give us a sense of security? However, you need to consider insurance for ALL the items you have. This is one case when it is especially necessary to take professional advice – you don't want to pay over the odds, but at the same time you must not be under-insured either. Speak with a professional advisor such as Westhill Insurance Services: their friendly team will listen to what you have to say and will be able to advise on the best insurance policy for the type of contents you have in your property. As an independent company, they will shop around to make sure you get the best possible deal – and you won't get that from any comparison site!

Some people are using commercial storage units to store their unused items which they cannot bear to part with. However, many people entrust these units with over £1,000 worth of their belongings, only a quarter are covered by their insurance policies. Some don't even have a home insurance policy. So if you are planning to use a storage service, check their insurance policy and check also your own.

Many people collect valuable items such as antiques and jewellery. If you are investing in items such as wine or art, you need to keep adequate and up to date valuations for insurance purposes. Standard insurance may not be sufficient to cover your needs. Does it, for example, cover goods stored away from home? Do any of your items exceed the individual limit imposed on your home insurance – or collectively do all your items exceed the value of the goods for which you have cover?

If you are in any doubt at all, please speak with Westhill Insurance Services. They will take the time to talk you through your inventory and make sure that the clutter you have today is insured for the right amount tomorrow!

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Posted on 24th September, 2011