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How can a third of drivers be uninsured?

A new study published today indicates that, in some parts of the UK, almost a third of drivers are driving without insurance – and you have to ask yourself how the heck they can live with themselves! The reckless behaviour of uninsured drivers is a huge part to blame for the rocketing increases in insurance premiums. They cost providers up to £500 million a year and add an average of £30 to every single annual premium. You could call these people selfish, irresponsible – or just plain stupid!

Can you believe that research by The Motor Insurers' Bureau found that one in ten 18-34 year old drivers claimed to be unaware that car insurance is a legal requirement? Interestingly, Police point out that here is a high correlation between uninsured driving and other crimes, with offenders five times more likely to be involved in road collisions, fail to comply with traffic laws or are engaged in criminal activity.

Statistics indicate that there are nearly 1.4 million uninsured drivers on UK Roads – and Britain has one of the worst records in Western Europe with about one in 25 drivers not having insurance. Most worryingly of all is that around 23,000 people are injured and 160 killed by uninsured and untraced drivers every year. Once you look at the figures, the horrifying thought that these people seem, by and large, to consider themselves above the law and to not care that they can maim or kill and have no insurance in place whatsoever.

Insurance post code black spots, where people seem not to insure their vehicles include:

Birmingham B9
Birmingham B10
Birmingham B8
Bradford BD9
Bradford BD3
Bradford BD8
Birmingham B6
Manchester M12
Birmingham B11
Birmingham B21

There is a clear pattern emerging here. However, there has been good progress made in reducing the number of vehicles being driven without insurance, but clearly there is much still to be done. Until June this year, uninsured drivers had to be caught at the wheel to be prosecuted, but since then more stringent rules apply which mean that if you are without car insurance, you can be find or lose your car even when you are not using it!

All registered keepers of cars, vans, motorbikes, motor homes and trucks without insurance should by now have received a letter warning them to either take out insurance or officially declare that the vehicle is off road. These new measures are allowing the police to be more efficient and focus their efforts on tackling the core of offenders, whilst still supplying sufficient safeguards to assist the law-abiding motorists also.

With over 30% of uninsured drivers under the age of 30, some will no doubt flout the law because they cannot afford the premiums. However, the law is black and white on the matter – if you own a vehicle, you MUST have insurance. You can save money on your insurance by shopping around – but beware comparison sites as they don't always give you the opportunity to declare important information which at a later date could invalidate any insurance claim. Talk instead to a professional independent insurance company, such as Westhill Insurance Services. Their professional and caring staff will shop around to find the best deal for you – and will make sure the insurance you have is the insurance you need. For example, if you don't need a courtesy car whilst yours is off the road, why pay extra on your premium to have one included? You need to think about the mileage you do every year and the excess you are prepared to pay. Professional advice is the best way forward – give Westhill Insurance Services a call and keep on the right side of the law!

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Posted on 10th September, 2011