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Back to school – and what's in your school bag?

It's that time of year again – back to school. As if there is not enough to think about with new uniforms and all manner of paraphernalia from the latest character craze in pencil cases to the trendiest sportswear, parents now need to consider insurance. The reason for this is that the average school bag is now filled with items which on average total over £200 in value. It is not long ago that a school bag contained pencils, exercise and text books and sweets. But no more.

Some 65% of children aged 11-14 year old take a mobile phone to school and this is coupled with the obligatory stationery, sports kit and grooming products and so a school bag is likely to be worth over £200! Around 10% of school children also have expensive gadgets too, including iPads and netbooks and there are now considered to be as much a part of their school bag essentials as a pencil case.

Sadly, parents don't just buy the kit once, all in one go: an average child loses £51 worth of kit from their bag over a course of a year, and this has to be replaced –of course it does! The boom in consumer technology over the last ten years means that the majority of today's children take a mobile phone to school and are twice as likely to pack a gaming console in their bag as ten years ago. Perhaps it is not surprising that parents are failing to add up the total of their child's school bag's value and then to consider the insurance implications.

Peer pressure is obviously an influencing factor in what a child takes to school. There has to be a balance between absolute need and desirable items in the school bag, although this is obviously difficult to explain to a child who is hell-bent on taking his games console to school! That said, it is important to make sure the items are insured, either through a home insurance policy or perhaps a separate insurance such as for a mobile phone, to cover the loss of the more expensive items.

There are some bargains to be had in the back-to-school run up. Supermarkets are promoting lower cost uniform items and stationery. You can get some excellent deals too on mobile phones and also laptops, and it is worth looking at the retailer's insurance on these items. However, before you commit to taking out these often expensive insurances, check your existing home insurance policy first. Speak with an expert company – Westhill Insurance Services will provide honest and sensible advice as to what is the best way to insure the school bag contents and can guide you through the insurance maze. Their friendly and professional team will look at all the options for you and give you the best possible deal to meet your requirements. That way, you may have a little more left in the budget at the start of term than you thought. The main thing is though that should items go astray, you may be able to replace them quicker than you thought – and that will certainly earn you brownie points!

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Posted on 4th September, 2011