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Tiaras to Tantrums, insure your Wedding Day

As the summer comes to an end, those organising their wedding next Spring or Summer now start to plan their big day. Weddings do not come cheap! So it is very worthwhile, amid all the excitement and occasional tantrums to remember that life is not perfect and things do go wrong. You may not wish to think about it, but taking out Wedding Insurance for your big day could be one of the best things you do.

The list of things you have to pay for is huge – the Church or the Registry Office or chosen venue, the Vicar, the transport, the organist, the food and drink, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, suits, flowers, photographers, reception venue, entertainment – the list is almost endless. Then there is the honeymoon to consider. All of this could come at the time when you are perhaps buying a new property as well and money is stretched.

What would happen if some event forced you to cancel, postpone or re-organise the wedding? You cannot expect the organisation of such a major milestone in your life to go without a hitch, but if something serious crops up, you could be left with a massive bill. Consider the implications on your wedding if the bride, groom or a close friend or family member is seriously injured before the wedding day. It may be advisable to postpone the wedding but unless you have wedding insurance that covers just this event then you could be faced with huge bills, on top of a very difficult time in dealing with other problems also.

You may encounter a problem with the caterers which means they cannot supply the wedding food. Subject to the reasons, by having the right insurance, you could be covered for this – possibly enabling you to seek out alternative caterers. Other instances where wedding insurance can help include:

· A double booking with the photographer, entertainment or transport
· The rings getting lost
· The Church or wedding venue has been destroyed by fire or other damage and so cannot be used

Having a good insurance policy will mean you can make a claim for such loses or additional costs incurred – and just think of the peace of mind this will bring. Wedding insurance policies can be taken out for between £50 - £200, depending on the level of cover required. You may consider this a small amount to pay just in case anything does go wrong – and you would be right! Talk to a professional insurance company – Westhill Insurance Services can provide you with all the advice you need. Their friendly and knowledgeable team will explain to you how wedding insurance works, and you can then decide exactly what you want.

With all the planning and hard work that goes into organising such an event, it is really sensible to safeguard as much of the day as you can. Talk to Westhill Insurance Services and then get on with planning for your perfect day. You may want to discuss your travel insurance with them if you are going abroad – as independent advisors, Westhill Insurance Services can find you the best possible deal on all types of insurance. They can't promise sunshine on your wedding day, but they will make the day as worry free as possible: so from tiaras to tantrums you can have a wonderful time!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 3rd September, 2011