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New data released indicates that travel insurance claims for one particular company has revealed a 43% increase in lost and stolen money claims between 2009 and 2010. The findings indicate that Britons collectively make claims of £24 million a year for lost, stolen or damaged possessions, baggage and money.

Interestingly, the same data shows that one in four claims for lost or stolen money and possessions originates in Spain, at a total value of around £7 million a year. France was the destination for 7.8% of claims – with the USA coming in third at 5.7%

However, it has been estimated that for every £4 million of travel insurance claims received, there are approximately £1 million which go unclaimed because many holiday makers travel without cover – a completely fool hardy and risky thing to do. The claims for lost or stolen money are increasing – the average amount per claim now is £170.00. Add on to this the amount of valuables you carry in respect of jewellery, watches, i-pad etc and the loss can be quite huge.

Good travel cover does not have to be expensive – talk to a professional company such as Westhill Insurance Services and take their advice. As independent brokers they will find you the best deal for your destination and journey type. Not taking out insurance is often a false economy, so ask for a good deal and see what you can find.

Meanwhile, here are a few tips for protecting your travel money:

> Try not to carry too much cash on you – if the hotel you are staying in has a safe, use it and carry just the amount you need at the time
> Think about a prepaid travel card – these are not linked to your bank account and means that if the card is stolen, you are not at risk of identity theft – and only the amount of money on the card can be stolen
> Try to take a few different options – a mixture of cards and cash and try to carry them separately if possible
> Consider wearing a money belt. These can fit under your clothing without being visible and are a great way to carry some cash around without drawing attention to it.

Have a good trip – and be safe: remember insurance is important. A quick call to Westhill Insurance's friendly team and you can drift off on your dream holiday without waking up to a nightmare!

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Posted on 27th August, 2011