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Life's Rotten – and then it all goes up in smoke!

John Lydon, aged 55 – aka Johnny Rotten – has revealed his London home burnt down two weeks ago. The former Sex Pistols front man has also stated that he did not have any home or contents insurance, a decision he is bound to regret as he will now have to find the estimated £700,000 needed to pay for the repairs himself.

The fire was caused by a tumble drier and the blaze spread through the house, destroying the kitchen and causing smoke damage to the rest of the house. Luckily Johnny's wife, Nora Forster aged 69, managed to escape the blaze. All of their belongings were lost though, as well as material from Johnny's new album – which will put back his earning capacity at a time when he needs every penny he can get.

Johnny was touring with his band Public Image Limited in Italy when Nora rang to tell him the news that their Fulham home had been burnt down. He said "My wife rang me up just before we were going on stage. She said 'Oh John, I don't want to disturb you. The house has burnt down'"

Johnny, who is now staying in the Cotswolds said "It started when the spin dryer caught on fire and all the clothes went up in flames. The house is not insured and my record company won't help me. It's been an absolute nightmare. I've lost everything." Putting a positive spin on things, Johnny went on to add "The point is all of that doesn't matter. She survived and that's what Johnny Rotten and Mrs Rotten's life is all about. It was the best news I've ever had. I cried, of course I did."

Johnny went on joke "Of all things it was the spin dryer – can you imagine Johnny Rotten's clothes being cleaned and dried? The first time I try to get clean, the house goes up in flames!"

You can't help but feel sorry for the guy – having your home destroyed and all your belonging lost is the worst thing that can happen to you. How can you ever recover? Strange to think that someone would even take the risk of not having home and contents insurance: we know Johnny Rotten was all about taking risks and kicking back at society, but now sadly he has to start completely from scratch. Obviously being in your mid-50's doesn't make you stop and think either, and just for the sake of a few hundred pounds, Johnny would now be watching his house rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and with enough money to replace the basics of life.

Just take a look at your own property – think of the value of your clothes, accessories, electronic equipment, CD collection, etc etc. Doesn't it make sense to insure these against damage, theft – and fire? Accidents do and will happen and you should at least protect your home and its contents as much as you can. If you want the best advice around contact Westhill Insurance Services. As an independent insurance company they will check the market and make sure that you get the best possible insurance to meet your needs at the best possible prices. The friendly and professional team at Westhill will give you honest advice you can trust and will listen to what you want to protect the most, something a comparison site can't do!

Life can be rotten – don't let it all go up in smoke, make sure you have your home and contents covered.

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Posted on 23rd August, 2011