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If you sit in the back – be quiet!

Sometimes surveys do make you wonder! The latest one shows that 60% of drivers are more likely to have an accident if they have passengers in the car. It also indicates that back seat passengers are the ones you want to avoid because the Driver Distraction Study (yes, really!) showed that one in seven motorists had a near miss or accident thanks to being distracted by someone sitting behind them!

If they would just sit there and be quiet, all would be well. But no! Apart from giving 'helpful advice' (remember Hyacinth Bucket?!) – They have to exclaim loudly and point out something amazing, just when you are reversing into the tightest car parking space ever.

The point of this is, as a result of this study, can we now expect insurance companies to start quizzing drivers on whether or not they carry passengers in their seven-seater people carrier – and if those passengers may be given to talking whilst we are driving? According to the study, our upset at backseat drivers goes much deeper than mere annoyance. Apparently more than half of motorists (it was only just over – 51%) have got angry behind the wheel because of back seat drivers – whilst 40% reported being made anxious – with some claiming to be reduced to tears.

In reality, if you can't drive whilst speaking with someone you shouldn't really be on the road. However, there are many reasons for accidents occurring and all possible measures should be taken to reduce the risk of danger. Remember, cars have always carried passengers and it will be strange world if we have to declare passengers and their capacity for conversation/nagging/general annoyance when we are providing information in order to insure our vehicle!

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Posted on 22nd July, 2011