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World's thinnest house seeks world's slimmest tenant

When Polish architect Jakub Szczesny saw a 60 inch gap between a tenement building and a tower block in downtown Warsaw, he said that he felt it needed filling. Anyone else would probably have used a product such as Gap Fill – a type of expanding foam used by builders, but Jakub felt compelled to create the world's narrowest house, which he set over four floors and stretching back 40 feet!

The structure includes a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen, but because there are space issues, he has opted to use a ladder as opposed to stairs. The first tenant is an Israeli writer Etgar Keret, whom one hopes does not suffer from claustrophobia, has no friends and very few belongings. Quite literally, you couldn't even swing a cat in this building!

Even though the world's official narrowest house, The Wedge, on the island of Great Cumbrae off Scotland's North Ayrshire coast measures just 47 inches at the front, it widens out to 22 feet as it moves back from the road – this makes the Polish version actually narrower for longer. There is also a 6 feet wide house in Brighton, but that only goes 21 feet deep.

You probably have to ask yourself a question – why?

But there are many other related questions - Why not just leave the alleyway alone? Where are the people who live in this Warsaw tenement building going to put their bins now? Why didn't Mr Szczesny go and build a regular-sized house somewhere nice? Simply, he wanted his moment of fame – and if constructing a property which may make the perfect pad for a size zero model is his idea of success, then he has done that and has achieved world-wide notice.

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Posted on 21st July, 2011