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Insurance claims of bygone days

We may live in a litigious society when everyone seems to jump on the claims bandwagon, but there is nothing new about insurance claims. One of the leading insurance companies has gone through their archives from Victorian days and has found some amazing claims – but even then there were those more common than others: tripping over croquet hoop and vat of liquor, bites from ferrets and fish as well as being hit in the eye by ammonia stoppers and catapults! 150 years ago it was discarded orange peel upon which one slipped (not bananas) and errant horses as well as general clumsiness seem to have been the major insurance claims. Take a look at some from this bygone era:

> A grocer from Lancashire slipped whilst playing Blind Man's Bluff - £15 paid in 1878
> A merchant from Essex injured his eye from throwing rice at a wedding - £50 paid in 1892
> A tailor from Launceston missed his chair when going to sit down - £58 paid in 1887
> An artist from Swansea blown down by a gale of wind - £30 paid in 1886
> A shipbuilder from Great Yarmouth swallowed a fishbone - £1000 paid in 1900
> A pawnbroker from Brighton injured by a bucket of mortar thrown on his head whilst walking in the street - £35 paid in 1895
> A merchant from Glasgow injured while jumping out of bed to catch his wife who had fainted - £42 paid in 1895
> A pharmacist from Dublin slipped on marble steps in a Turkish bath - £33 paid in 1885
> A travelling salesman from Belfast hit his head on a pole while watching an accident from the top of a tram - £7 paid in 1904
> An innkeeper from Birmingham took a poisonous potion in mistake for a sleeping medicine - £1000 paid in 1904

Insurance claims obviously change as lifestyles change. Even the Victorians claimed for tripping up, falling over and sliding on ice and there were plenty of falls resulting from the cobbled streets! Clumsiness is a human trait rather than historic. There is a claim documented for a boot maker from Hampshire who injured himself slipping on soap and upsetting a saucepan as well as a merchant from Solihull who fell down the stairs having got his foot stuck in his pyjamas. There was also the Vicar from Shropshire who fell whilst playing a game of Leap Frog!

Accidents at work happened too. A grocer made a claim having been hit on the head by a box of bacon and a pork butcher claimed having caught his hand in the sausage making machine. Maybe there is much to be said for Health & Safety today!

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Posted on 16th July, 2011