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Warehouse, Factory and Manufacturers' Insurance – vital to keep the economy turning

Manufacturers' Insurance

This is vitally important for the protection of your successful manufacturing business. Even though this industry has been severely hit in the down-turn of recent times, what you do have is worth protecting and can actually add to the effectiveness of your business.

Manufacturers' Insurance is usually quite flexible and can generally suit your individual business needs. You can choose to select the cover you have – such as machinery, contents, raw materials, finished stock items, business interruption, money, public and product liability, employers' liability and also goods in transit. As manufacturing processes differ so much, it is vital that you get the right degree of cover for you. Westhill Insurance Services can advise you on the level of cover you require and the items you need to include – and they will take account of your budget too. The cheapest insurance is not always the most effective, so take some professional advice and make sure you protect your company.

You can extend your manufacturers' insurance policy to also include ancillary covers such as engineering cover, directors' and officers' insurance – and also commercial legal expenses cover. All of these are worth considering if your budget allows: Westhill Insurance Services will search the market place to find the most suitable cover to keep you manufacturing with peace of mind.

Factory Insurance

Factory Insurance meets the demands and needs of businesses wishing to protect their assets against potential hazards such as fire, theft, flood or accidental damage etc. Cover can be provided for the buildings themselves, machinery/plant/equipment, stock (whether raw materials or finished products), public/liability insurance, goods in transit, money – and a whole lot more! Westhill Insurance Services has vast experience in this market sector and will guide you through the insurance maze to make sure you have the insurance cover you need to comprehensively cover your business. As an independent insurance company, Westhill Insurance Services can find the best possible cover to suit your budget - without compromise to quality.

Warehouse Insurance

Insurance for warehouses provided a flexible cover designed to meet the needs of warehouse owners so that the continuity of your business can be assured should the unexpected happen. Warehouse insurance includes cover for buildings, machinery, stock, business interruption, goods in transit, public/product liability and employers' liability insurance. A wide range of additional cover is also available – this depends on the products you are holding on site etc. It is worth speaking to a company who can give you good, sensible independent advice. Westhill Insurance Services can look at your requirements and will then search the market to find the most suitable cover for you at the most reasonable cost.

Manufacturing, factory and warehouse insurance are all quite complex insurances and it is worth talking to an independent company to see what is available. Just owning and/or managing these sites is a huge role in itself and to know that you have all the protection you need should things go wrong can leave you free to make your business more profitable.

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Posted on 12th July, 2011