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'Nestoration' – the new renovation!

We blame 'the youth of today' for many things, one flaw which has been proven though is their lack of respect for property. This is prompting many parents to plan major refurbishment works once their children have left home. One parent was so offended by the state of his 16 year old teen's bedroom and his inability to bring down dirty plates, mugs and glasses that he installed a dishwasher in the bedroom! Another said the sheer number of fingerprints on the walls could have formed the sub-text for a TV cult programme on forensic scientists.

It seems that many parents are now saving cash to redecorate or refurnish their homes once their off spring have flown the nest, according to one of our leading department stores. Nicknaming this investment 'nestoration' – shops selling soft furnishings, DIY, furniture as well as builders, painters and decorators are all making a tidy living from restoring homes to pre-teenage beauty.

The most common types of damage caused by children were:

• Remote control dents on the floor
• Ruined sofas
• Wall gouges
• Floor scratches
• Food and drink spillages
• Broken beds
• Broken door handles
• Fingerprints, drawing and graffiti on the walls
• Kicked doors
• 'Cave papering' their rooms (apparently this is covering them in posters – walls and ceilings!)

Perhaps we used to be more house-proud? Maybe it's more a case of not having funds to keep constantly redecorating and it is therefore better to wait until the source of the damage has removed themselves so that redecorating then becomes an investment which will last. It is almost as though we are no longer experiencing a parent-child relationship but a landlord-tenant relationship!

The main reasons cited for delaying investment in 'nestoration' are:

• Youngsters are untidy and have less respect for property than the older generation
• Youngsters tend to see their rooms as their own property
• Youngsters inevitably spill food and drink
• Youngsters these days believe everything is easily replaced and therefore do not take care things

For smaller damage you would not be wise to try to make an insurance claim. For severe damage you would need to contact your insurance company and explain the problem. If you have a professional insurance advisor it is worth speaking with them before you make a claim of any kind. Call Westhill Insurance Services who will give you honest and down to earth advice. Claiming under your home contents insurance can be a tricky business if you are not 100% certain of the exact cover you have in place. If you have some horrendous damage to your home (perhaps your son decides to form that rock band he is always mumbling about and their first gig is at your home whilst you are on holiday) – then you will probably be covered for damage. However, if you daughter throws a tantrum because her boy friend is dating her (ex) best friend and throws her hair straighteners at the wall and removes a small chunk of plaster, you probably won't!

Westhill Insurance Services can't help you raise your family to the point they leave the nest and you can 'nestorate' away, but they can help with all types of insurance from home and contents, to car and travel – to motorbike and extreme sports (just in case you feel like getting in touch with your own lost youth!)

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Posted on 4th July, 2011