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A sting in the tail!

Brace yourself this year, wasps are making a bid for world domination. Millions of people could be stung by wasps this summer as the recent warm weather has proved to provide the perfect breeding environment. Some 7% of the adult population were stung last year – that over 3.3 million people! Over half a million people say they have already been stung this summer – and around 7 million say they have noticed more wasps than usual this year – makes a change from the weather as a topic of conversation, obviously!

Wasps are generally considered worse than noisy neighbours!

Recent research has indicated that three in four homeowners are completely unprepared for the wasp invasion and emergency pest control services are preparing for a busy summer from people needing to have nests dealt with. Wasps are the biggest nuisance in the garden when it comes to spoiling pleasure – there is nothing worse than the menacing buzz of a wasp making a bee-line for your Pimms! 47% of people with a garden said wasps are the biggest nuisance factor when in the garden and are also mentioned as being a source of stress and upset. Other factors which really annoy people when they are trying to enjoy a nice summer's day in their garden are noisy neighbours – cited by 46% of those with a garden. Ants are equally unpopular – although not generally for their partying! Traffic noise is an issue for 14% - and spiders apparently annoy 12% of us!

The early prolonged warm weather in the spring appears to have led to the early arrival of the wasps – which means they have had more time to build their nests an make them bigger and better than ever – some can house several thousand of the insects. Most people never think to protect themselves against wasp invasion – but you can check in your loft and under eaves and see if you can fill in any cracks in brickwork to stop them from breaking and entering!

Can I insure against wasps nests and other pests?

The statistics surrounding wasps and their nests are quite amazing: Almost half of all Britons have previously found a wasps' nest in their home – and more than one in three (that's 7.5 million people!) have discovered a nest in a loft or attic. A further 5.8 million people have found a nest in their garden sheds, 4.8 million in wall cavities and 2.4 million in their garages. That adds up to an awful lot of the winged insects!

The earlier a nest is destroyed, the better as later in the summer it will be more established and more difficult to eradicate. Finding a wasps' nest can be frightening and people often make the mistake of believing a standard home insurance policy will cover them for emergencies such as wasps nests but this is not always the case. Read the small print and perhaps consider a stand-alone emergency policy that looks after pest control issues should the need arise.

It is worth seeking professional insurance advice as to how you can obtain cover for pest control services. Talk with Westhill Insurance Services – their helpful and friendly team will advise the type of policies available for pest control and can also advise on your home insurance cover to check exactly what you are covered for. With our summers set to get warmer, wasps and other pests can only increase in numbers so it really is worth checking how you can insure against large pest control bills. An insurance policy could take the sting out of the costs – and Westhill Insurance Services will definitely not tell you to buzz-off!

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Posted on 24th June, 2011