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We are a nation of shop-keepers, keep those tills ringing!

Shop Insurance is relevant if you own a shop, public house, take-away or retail outlet of any type. Retail is a busy industry to be involved in and accidents can and will happen – no matter how many precautions you take. The way to deal with problems which can be encountered is to find a policy which exactly suits the needs of your business and its premises.

If you take professional advice you can almost build a policy tailored to your needs. Westhill Insurance Services is an independent professional company which prides itself on taking the time to find exactly the right cover for all their clients – and they fully understand that the retail sector needs specialist advice, but at a price which is affordable!

Some of the types of insurance you need to consider are:

Employers' liability insurance

Employers' liability insurance will cover claims made by employees that have been made ill at work or suffered a work related illness. If you have employees working for you it is a legal requirement that you have employers' liability insurance and the level of cover must be at least £5 million – although most policies will provide £10 million. As well as covering the cost of claims awarded to your employees, it covers the legal expenses you incur when dealing with a claim. Even if you employ temporary or part-time workers you are still required to be covered. If you do not take out the insurance you can be fined up to £2,500 for EVERY day you have traded without it! Investing in an employers' liability policy will help support the long term future of your business whilst maintaining a healthy reputation.

Shop stock and contents cover

Your stock is the life-blood of your business and so you do not want to risk losing it – you will have an investment in your stock as well as the need to protect it to make sales. You can insure against theft, fire and flood and your equipment, fittings and all types of stock will normally be covered under this insurance.

Business Interruption protection

Unexpected occurrences can be costly for a business. Business interruption covers lost income or additional expenditure spent during an occurrence that would cause your retail business to stop trading. Being unable to trade will have a significant and potentially damaging effect on your business and this insurance can make the difference between coping or not.

Shop money protection

Shop money protection will cover a range of money sources that may be stolen from your retail business. Cash will be included, along with stamps, postal orders and vouchers.

Phone Westhill Insurance Services and explain to them the type of business you are running and let them advise you as to the types of insurance you will have to have as well as those you may wish to have. There are many different solutions to enable you to find affordable insurance, tailored to meet your own needs – and your pocket!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 21st June, 2011