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Travel Insurance – should provide freedom for the 'silver surfers'

Pensioners face a struggle to get travel insurance as a quarter of firms refuse to cover people who are aged over 65, a consumer group has determined. One in four insurers offering annual travel policies will not cover people who are aged 65 or over – while nine out of ten will not insure people in their 80's, according to the consumer group Which?

Single trip policies don't fare much better either with 86% of companies having an upper age limit while just 29% will cover people in their 80's. With some firms who do continue to insure people when they turn 65, premiums can triple overnight! Not much to look forward to really: you go to bed one night and get up the next morning three times more expensive to insure – what sort of a night's sleep is that?!

Which? also found that despite the fact that 60% of over-65's do not use the internet – the internet is in fact where the best deals can often appear to be found! But beware shopping on line for insurance, you don't always get to see the small print and the policies may not be as they seem. Which? Is working with the insurance industry on government proposals that will force insurers to produce evidence to justify charging higher premiums as opposed to just assuming that older people are more likely to have an accident or fall ill abroad. Clearly they have never heard of the 18-30 club holidays!

It's a shame that many people will be priced out of being able to travel abroad. Travel is not just the right of the young and with people living longer and healthier, something needs to be done to ensure that people of all ages can still enjoy our beautiful planet beyond the shores of Worthing and Bognor Regis.

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Posted on 12th June, 2011