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It's a dog's life!

Dog owners, it seems, get lonely when apart from their pooches and around 85% of them would like to bring their dogs to work with them! A leading office design company polled 224 dog-owning employees and discovered that only 5% have actually fulfilled their dream and taken their dog to work.

However, 38% of people interviewed said they would consider changing their job if it meant they could take their hound into the office, whilst 16% would give up a week's holiday to have their pooch in the office – and 14% would even take a pay cut!

It seems that non-dog owners are not so enthusiastic to have canines in the office with 68% saying they would be less than enchanted to work in an environment with dogs around.

No matter how dear our animals are to us, we need to exercise a little caution with regards to pets in the working environment. They can cause distraction and damage. Whilst they may boost morale for the dog-lovers, the majority are not in favour of dogs in the workplace and we need to respect their views.

Chewed cables and other damage can cost companies dear – both in down-time and in repairs. This can have implications on public liability and also general insurance and if a dog should, heaven forbid, get over-excited or frightened and take a nip at someone, well the repercussions for both the dog owner and the business owner could be huge.

If you are going to allow workers to bring in their pooches, check with your insurance policy first – and ask the pet owner to check with theirs. If you are in any doubt, talk to Westhill Insurance Services – they deal with domestic and commercial insurance and can offer advice on the most complicated of scenarios. As an independent broker they can find the best deal to suit each individual situation – so it's worth a call to see how they can help you. It is sensible to make sure that you are fully covered before Fido takes a chunk out of the MD's desk and helps himself to the contents of the drinks cabinet...........!

Whilst Westhill Insurance Services may not be able to force Fido to sign a confidentiality agreement, open the post or do the filing, they can check the small print in your insurance policy and ensure that every dog has his day!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 31st May, 2011