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Lilliputians and Dainty Folk Required

Are you thinking of down-sizing your home? If, in addition, you happen to be agoraphobic, very small and dainty person and wish to live in Suffolk – this is definitely your lucky day! Alternatively, if you know anyone from Lilliput who is wishing to relocate, this may just be the des-res they want. The Check House in Framlington is on the market for just £95,000 and is the only remaining part of an old Victorian steam mill which is situated in an allegedly sought-after development.

The building is only seven foot wide and with an interior measuring a compact 308 sq ft is the perfect abode for those who like to have everything to hand! Described as a home best suited for one person, this property is 'cosy' indeed!

There is an individual feel to this building (formerly a bookies) which has now been converted into a bijou one bedroom palace – for a very tiny princess! The bedroom and bathroom (no bath – shower only!) are on the ground floor, whilst the kitchen and reception room are on the first. So your guests (if you can fit any in!) will be confronted with the stunning first impression of your bedroom before they get to the lounge area.

Some believe this is a PR stunt – the rest of the old mill was demolished, and given the cost per square foot that this little property is bringing, it's not offering a bad return! It's generated media interest and has put what would otherwise be an unspectacular housing development firmly on the map.

So if you of anyone who would delight in a property large enough only to swing a kitten, The Check House beckons!

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Posted on 18th May, 2011