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Alarming news – 83% of Brits develop 'Alarm Apathy'

We all know how annoying it is when alarms go off at night. Car alarms are a huge nuisance and now it appears that 83% of us just ignore car alarms all together! One of the UK's largest insurance companies carried out a 'social experiment' which showed that over 80% of people totally fail to register the sound of a car alarm. Out of 100 passers-by, not one person took any notice of a car alarm screeching its head off!

Motorists are being warned to take extra care as there is generally a surge in car crime around Spring (perhaps the criminals come out of hibernation and start their activities in the warmer weather). The test to see how we react to car alarms was carried out in London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester and reveals that alarms have become like urban white noise for us:

> 83% of people failed to register any reaction at all when walking past a car sounding its alarm
> The 17% who acknowledged the alarm did nothing more than glance at the car as they walked on past
> People from Cardiff were the most responsive with 25% of passers by acknowledging the alarm, whilst those in Glasgow were not interested very much at all – only 9% glanced twice
> Manchester was the town where 15% of people acknowledged the alarm and Londoners came in with 12% at least noticing!

These are worrying statistics because if we are to treat alarms as urban white noise, like a dog barking, traffic noise or sirens, then their effectiveness is called into doubt. You should, therefore, take as many precautions as you can to protect your property, especially now the summer is coming and people are out and about much more. A few tips to bear in mind are:

> Guard against theft of valuables from your car at beaches, parks and picnic areas by hiding any temptation in the boot.
> As we tend to travel to the coast for the sunshine, this leaves some neighbourhoods quieter than usual. If you go out without your car, makes sure the keys are hidden from sight as many car thefts at home are the result of the keys being stolen first.
> Choose a parking spot carefully, make sure it is in a well lit area and look for car parks with security guards or CCTV
> SatNavs can contain personal data which could lead a thief straight to your house and they can be easily stolen by a thief breaking the side window. So keep SatNavs well out of sight – and that includes the cradle (think about it!)

> Make a list of all your valuables and work out how much they are worth. Then check you have sufficient insurance in place to cover their full value. Take advice and speak with a professional, independent insurance broker. Call Westhill Insurance Services and explain what you want. They will then advise you as to exactly the right type of insurance for all your requirements, and will find you the best possible deal going. It's good to deal with people who care. Then at least you can soak up the sun and enjoy some carefree time without fretting about the antics of our light fingered brigade: all it takes is sensible behaviour and good insurance cover!

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Posted on 14th May, 2011