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Long term refurbishments need special insurance

Insurance for unoccupied buildings or those undergoing long term refurbishments works can be a tricky matter. Listed buildings left unoccupied or undergoing long periods of refurbishment can only be insured on a restricted perils basis. The circumstances of which fall into two main categories:

If you have been resident in the property for a while prior to the refurbishment works and the works are of an interior upgrade only, it is likely your insurers will continue to provide all major perils, but exclude accidental damage caused by the contractors, escape of water and unexplained theft. A long period of unoccupancy or a major extension, with roofing works involved is likely to see a restriction in the insurance cover to fire, lightening, explosion, earthquake, aircraft and public liability cover only.

Where the property is likely to be unoccupied and or undergoing major refurbishment from day one of the ownership, it is highly unlikely that any insurer will provide insurance cover other than for fire, lightening, explosion, earthquake, aircraft and public liability cover only. The risk of theft, malicious damage, impact by builders' plant etc is just too great in these instances.

It is best to seek advice on your insurance when you are looking at major refurbishment works. For good, solid advice, talk to Westhill Insurance Services. You will have the chance to explain exactly what changes you are going to be making to the property and Westhill Insurance Services will listen to all that you say and then go in search of the best possible cover available. Meanwhile, it is worth making sure that any contractor involved in refurbishment works carries adequate public liability insurance and possibly contractors all risks insurance for major projects. Always read the small print in your own insurance policy – and don't be afraid to ask your contractors for sight of their policies.

Having major works carried out on your home is always a stressful time, so make sure you are insured properly – and then you have one thing less on your mind!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 2nd May, 2011