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Going Off Road!

Four Wheel Drive, FWD, 4x4, Chelsea Tractors – there are so many names for these large vehicles which range from ex-MOD Land Rovers through to imported luxury brands. Pick-up versions, modified, Q-plated vehicles, kit 4x4s, classic off-roaders and SUVs – we see them all from time to time. Insurance can be a minefield for this mixed bunch, some policies covering green-laning and off-roading use as standard – others not!

'One size fits all' is not a phrase which applies to insurance for 4x4 vehicles! You need to speak with a professional such as Westhill Insurance Services to find the best policy for your needs. Think about how and where you are actually going to use the vehicle. Here are a few of the points worth thinking about – and do tell your insurance company if they are relevant:

> Green-laning cover?
> Off road cover?
> Protected no claims bonus?
> Agreed value for classics?
> Grey imports?
> USA and EU imports?
> Left hand drive?
> Ex-military vehicles?
> Modified vehicles?
> Q plated vehicles?
> Special Land Rover insurance scheme?
> Special Jeep insurance scheme?

Some insurance companies offer discounts to those with limited mileage, Owners Club members, vehicles fitted with extra security, older vehicles and to drivers who can prove their competence as a 4 wheel vehicle driver.

Westhill Insurance Services will talk to you about how you intend to use your 4 wheel drive, and all the other relevant points - such as information on the driver(s), mileage, parking/garaging requirements etc. They will take care to find you the perfect policy to keep you on the straight and narrow – even if you do go off the road!

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 2nd May, 2011