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Spring Fever

Spring is apparently the worst time for drink driving offences, new research has revealed.

According to the Home Office, the number of motorists who test positive – or refuse to take a breath test is at its highest between March and May. December is actually the time with the lowest number of drivers over the limit – despite there being more breath tests carried out than at any other time of the year.

Statistics show that 17% of motorists stopped in March 2009 were over the limit – or refused a test, whilst this figure declined to 16% the following month. In December the figure fell to 5%.

One in six deaths on UK roads are a result of one party being drunk behind the wheel. It seems that we expect not to drink in December, whilst perhaps the thought of the Easter Bunny hopping by drives us to drink! Whatever, it pays to be sensible and designate a driver at the beginning of the evening so that one person stays sober at all times.

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Posted on 28th April, 2011