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Motorcycle insurance – some frequently asked questions

Motorcycle insurance is almost as diverse as the number of bikes available – the main levels of cover are comprehensive, third party, fire & theft and third party only. Specialist motorcycle insurance is worth speaking with an expert about as the categories are wide ranging and include

>High performance bike insurance
>Courier insurance
>Limited mileage cover insurance
>Scooter insurance
>Classic bike policy
>Imported bike insurance

Westhill Insurance Services is a specialist in the field of motorcycle insurance and will be able to provide sensible advice. Below are some questions which are often asked:

Can I insurance more than one bike on a policy?

Some insurers will allow multiple bikes on a policy. The price is calculated on the highest rated bike with a fee payable for each additional vehicle. Be careful though as your no claim bonus will be for all vehicles on the policy and so a claim on any vehicle would reduce the bonus and could increase your future premiums.

Am I automatically insured to carry a pillion?

Some insurers do exclude pillion cover, others will provide a discount if you choose to exclude this cover. You need to speak with a professional advisor about this.

Does my insurance include items such as my crash helmet, leathers etc?

Most policies include a small element of personal possession cover – but you should check to make sure you have the level of cover you need.

If I fit a security device, will my premium be reduced?

The fitting of both mechanical and electronic security devices can indeed reduce your premium, as can putting the car in a garage overnight. Ask your insurance broker for advice – and remember that if you do tell your insurers that you have security fitted you must remember to use it at all times

Will I be covered for personal injury if I have an accident?

Motor insurance, be it for car or bike, only provides cover for the vehicle (comprehensive) and any damage caused to a third party. You may consider optional legal cover, this in the event of a non-fault claim and where there is an identifiable third party, you can then attempt to recover personal injury compensation from the guilty third party. Speak with a professional about this – Westhill Insurance Services can offer advice

I am thinking about becoming a motorcycle courier – can I be covered for business use?

Cover can be extended to include courier use – but there are only a few companies who offer this. You must declare your intention to use the bike for courier work to your insurers, failure to do so will result in your insurance policy becoming invalid

In order to maximise the pleasure you get from your motorcycle, make sure you have the right insurance for you. Talk to an insurance company who is an independent advisor – Westhill Insurance Services will spend time ensuring you get the best cover at the best price.

With the good weather just around the corner, it's time to hit the road – and do so safely.

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 22nd April, 2011