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Tipper Trucks that Tip

Repairs totally £160,000 are being carried out to Weston-super-Mare's Grand Pier after it was damaged by council contractors. The damage was caused before work on the pier was completed when contractors working on the seafront enhancements and improvements to the sea defences crashed a tipper truck into the landmark site.

Contractors unfortunately drove a tipper truck under the pier – with the tipper part of the vehicle still elevated – hitting the under-structure four times. This happened despite the site owners having erected special poles to highlight the height restriction under the seafront attraction. Work has since been carried out to complete the repairs – with the contractor's insurers footing the bill. The tipper truck had become stuck fast and took some releasing, which resulted in damage to the lattice work on the pier – hence the hefty repair bill.

The £51 million pavilion has experienced delays in its opening, but it now seems all systems go, providing a vital tourism boost for the area.

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Posted on 16th April, 2011