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The Royal Wedding – Party! Party!

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching and there are many businesses jumping on the bandwagon – and it seems insurance is not to be left out. One of the leading providers is offering a policy to cover street party celebrations – but do you actually need this or is it just another royal waste of money?

With thousands of street parties planned for the 29th April up and down the country, a policy has been developed to ensure individuals organising street parts for the day of the Royal Wedding of 'The Big Lunch' on June 5th are covered.

For a one-off cost for public liability it provides cover for street parties being attended by up to 200 people. Additional cover can be purchased at minimal cost to include hired items like tables and chairs, marquees and generators. It is quite a lot to come out of the budget, but if you are a worrier, then you may prefer to cover the event.

You will need to contact your council of you are holding a party to ascertain if insurance is mandatory because many insist on public liability insurance. Some are much stricter than others and are issuing health and safety guidelines to event organisers whilst others are more relaxed and are simply issuing guidelines. Public liability insurance cover is designed to protect event organisers against damages awarded to members of the public in case of an injury or damage suffered while attending your party. Whether you will actually need this will depend on the type of party you are holding and on the stance the council takes.

If your street party is a private event funded by residents only, and doesn't require external publicity, or any licenses (such as for the sale of alcohol), insurance many not be required. Even if insurance is not mandatory, it still comes down to you as the organisers to decide whether to obtain cover or not.

Think about making a 'risk assessment' to identify potential hazards and ways to minimise them – such as opting for plastic plates and cups over china and glass. Be careful when putting up bunting etc and always have adult supervision for BBQs and anything involving alcohol.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are –accidents do happen and even the smallest mishap could cost you dearly. Public liability insurance will give you peace of mind – but shop around to find the best price. Call Westhill Insurance Services, they can guide you towards the most cost-effective policy for your party and will help you get the best possible deal. You may not be able to guarantee the weather on the day, but you can guarantee you have taken sensible steps to keep everyone safe.

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Posted on 14th April, 2011