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Comparison Sites Auction Personal Details

“People buy from people” is a popular saying in sales, which is why many are amazed at the growth of the price comparison websites which have become the first port of call for new mortgage or life insurance deal. They are impersonal and can cause many problems – for example, making a simple enquiry on line can lead to your personal information (including name, phone number, email address) being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Very clever, these computers, aren't they?

So by simply keying in your details to register your interest you make a valuable 'lead' for a sales person which will be sold by the website in question to a financial advisor or broker. It may take you just a few moments to enter your details into one of the many comparison websites, but the company who has paid for the information can become very determined to close a sale.

Amounts paid vary between the sites and the product for which the shopper has enquired, but an average price is around £40-£50. The main problem with people registering on price comparison sites for more complex products will expect someone to contact them, others will simply want an on-line quote – and will not realise that by clicking to receive advice from an advisor they are actually agreeing to have their details sent to a third party. What's more – ticking the box to say you do not want to be contacted by third parties will not necessarily over ride this: beware!

Despite the large sums changing hands to buy leads, the conversion rates on these is poor. Typical conversion rates to sales is around 20-40%, meaning that an advisor may have to buy five or more leads to secure one new client. However, there is money to be made – otherwise these firms would not exist to sell the leads, or indeed the agent, to buy them!

If you want to avoid the hard sell, go to a professional company and speak with an expert. Westhill Insurance Services has real people at the end of the phone, ones who genuinely care about finding you the right deal to match your lifestyle. They will care for you and cherish your business and will certainly not pass on your details to any third party.

Think when you are online – be careful about what details you give-away. It is much better to deal with a professional, ethical company – and you will be amazed at the value for money and peace of mind which comes with Westhill Insurance Services.

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Posted on 10th April, 2011