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Uninsured drivers simply cannot be bothered!

Most people view insurance as a necessity, if you wish to own a vehicle, and yet thousands of people think they are above the law and are putting all road users at risk. A huge one in six UK motorists admit to driving a car uninsured – and provide a wide range of lame excuses for doing to.

Research indicates that men are twice more likely to drive whilst uninsured than women, and the cost of uninsured drivers adds an average of £30 to every policy which law abiding drivers do take out.

The reasons given for not being insured raise a few questions about common sense, with a staggering 27% saying it was because they did not know they needed insurance! Over a third of these uninsured drivers blamed being in between insurance policies and one in ten said they simply could not be bothered to arrange insurance cover. Amazingly, 6% said there is no point having insurance as they don't believe they will crash – and 13% simply cannot afford insurance cover.
People need to remember it is illegal to get behind the wheel without adequate insurance cover and should you be involved in a crash when not insured you could face thousands of pounds in liability, a conviction including six points on your licence as well as charges of up to £5000. It simply is not a risk worth taking and the consequences could be dire.

Talk to Westhill Insurance Services, you can explain exactly the type of insurance cover you require and, when you answer a few simple questions, Westhill will find you the most competitive quote for your needs. As an independent insurance broker, they can shop around on your behalf and find you a policy which will keep you motoring legally. Not having insurance is not only a stupid thing to do, if you do have an accident – and it may not be your fault – you will still be in trouble for driving without insurance. And you may not be surprised to learn that those driving without insurance are up to three times more likely to have an accident. If you can't afford insurance, then don't drive – it is as simple as that!

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Posted on 29th March, 2011