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Garage prices soar through the roof!

A garage has gone on sale at a higher price than many flats in the same city!

The building is situated in Thistle Street Lane in Edinburgh's New Town area and is on the market for £150,000. The 18ft by 18ft building, which lies between George Street and Queen Street is a double garage and spacious enough to accommodate two vehicles. The garage, which is advertised at a fixed price is said to be in an "excellent condition throughout". The agents selling this rather bizarrely priced des-res describe it as being a "superior spacious two-car garage in a prime city centre location".

City centre parking usually proves a challenge and the agent for this garage suggests someone may purchase the property and use it to park one car, whilst renting out the second space. Although some on-street parking is available in the New Town, garages offer additional security, particularly for those with expensive cars, but it does seem a lot of money even so. The agent for the garage also states that garages have been trading "relatively healthily" and have also been doing well in the rental market.

Whoever buys the property will need to insure it. Westhill Insurance Services offer sensible advice – even for the strangest of properties – and will make sure they search to find the best possible deal. Even if the buyer does rent out one of the parking spaces in the garage, they will still need to insure the building and its space – as well as their own car of course! No matter how strange – or complicated - the request, talk to Westhill Insurance Services and make sure your building, contents and car are all covered by the best possible policy for you.

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Posted on 27th March, 2011