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House-swapping is the new holiday trend

Research has indicated that 3.4% of adults – twice the number of a year ago – have already arranged to house-swap in 2011, with Cornwall, the Lake District, Devon and Scotland amongst the most popular exchange destinations.

An on line study of 2,000 UK adults showed that 15% of house-swappers were heading for Spain, 15% to Italy, 12% to France and 10% to the United States. It seems that people are happy to let others live in their house whilst they jet off to live in some else's! A case of the grass is always greener, maybe! More than half opted for a home exchange as a cost-effective way of spending their holidays and making their money go further. (That's all very well as long as you don't spend a fortune 'tarting' up your home in the first place so the strangers will be impressed.) Sadly however, nearly a quarter of people who have previously rented out their homes reported returning to damaged property – and some were so traumatised that they wouldn't house swap again.

As house swapping becomes more and more popular it is worth looking at your insurance policy before you make any commitment. You could find that you are jeopardising your cover by leaving strangers in your home and you could come back to a nasty shock - and a big bill to repair your property or replace broken or damaged items. The lesson here is to stop and think – make sure that you notify your insurer before you embark on a house swap.

Talk to a reputable insurance company. Call Westhill Insurance Services and let them explain to you the options which are normally available with home and contents insurance. That way, you know that when you hand-over the keys to the happy holiday makers who will inhabit your home, that should they accidentally trash the place, there will be cover on hand to assist you.

Returning from holiday is always a little depressing, so make sure your dream home doesn't turn into a nightmare and that your holiday memories are not tarnished by the return to reality. A quick call to Westhill Insurance Services will allow you to make sure you have all the insurance you need to throw caution to the wind and head for the sun.

(At least this is house-swapping – the cover for wife-swapping could be a little more tricky!)

Contact Westhill Insurance Services, today.

Posted on 1st March, 2011